Who are the SoKnox Team?

Tim High

Head Audio Engineer

Expertise: Mixing, Mastering, Micing, and Tracking
B.A. in Music Technology
Loved Genres: Jazz, Country, Heavy Metal, Bluegrass, Rock
Top Five Artists: Government Mule, Primus, Doc Watson, John Coltrane, Primus

“Getting the right sound at the source is most important. Then adding dimension, depth, and atmosphere so the listener can almost see the sound is the end goal!”        – Tim High

Chris Sagosz

Audio Engineer, Producer, Songwriter

Chris Sagosz
 Expertise: Mixing, Live Sound, Public Relations
B.S.C., With a Concentration in Audio Engineering
Loved Genres: Punk, Metal, Reggae, Funk, Classic Rock, Electronic
Top Five Artists: James Brown, New York Dolls, T-Rex, Giorgio Moroder, Parliament Funkadelic

Navigating frequencies and surfing soundwaves.” – Chris Sagosz

Kevin Arellano

Audio Engineer                             “Music saved my life.” – Kevin Arellano
Kevin Kidstuff #cropped

ExpertiseMixing, Tracking, and Live Sound
A&R School of Recording,            El Paso, TX
Loved Genres: EDM, Heavy Metal, Rock
Top Five Artists: Slipknot, Disturbed, Tiësto, Hardwell, Above and Beyond

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