Hey, it’s the Third Thirdsday Recap!


And so we have a hat trick! All three of the Thirdsdays have been a hit! Lots of fresh new faces at this one, all of whom were jammin’ just like the regulars. Not to mention, mother nature supplied the perfect background with that crazy thunderstorm. Thirdsday was the best rainy day activity by far!

Kole Sievert, the singer for Stone Kole’d’s interaction with the band and audience clearly displayed her passion for music. The “melody,” as Kole referred to it, definitely stole the show! The melody mashup combined short bits of songs from Cher: If I Could Turn Back Time & Bare Naked Ladies: One Week. This gal can sing any genre of music and kill it! Bringing it back to good ole east Tennessee by singing the great Dolly Parton’s Jolene, the set supported local, just what SoKnox Studios loves.

Next up were The Jank, some slick dudes in their suits and sunglasses. No lyrics needed when music is this good. Some of their surf-inspired set includes: Uprising, A go go guitar, Guadalajara, and Rumble. Rumble can be caught on PsychoBrainfood’s  WDVX set “Rumble” as the introduction song. Leave it to Doug Lauderdale to make the power go out during The Jank’s set with his request to have Rumble played one last time. Catch you music lovers next time for the fourth Thirdsday! Thank you all for your support! Don’t forget to go like our Facebook page SoKnox Studios.

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