Home Recording vs. Pro Studio: How to Record Better Audio

home recording vs. professional studio: how to record better audioPicture courtesy of Knoxville Music Warehouse.

Many believe in this day and age that a professional recording can be captured in a home recording studio. While home studios can serve a valid purpose for capturing ideas on the fly, many are unequipped with the tools needed to create a broadly respectable recording that out-of-home studios offer


What does a pro studio offer that home recording studios cannot?

1. Treated/Soundproofed Rooms

  • Spaces intentionally designed with higher acoustic qualities for both recording AND mixing; so music can be created and edited in an audibly trustworthy environment.
  • Walls mounted with Bass Traps, Diffusers, and Absorbers to prevent sound reflections from harming the final recording
  • Separate rooms treated specifically for vocal clarity. (Ever wondered how recording studios capture such better vocals?)
  • Noise Leakage Prevention

2. Access to Higher Quality Gear

  • Wide array of microphones of all types (dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones)
  • Well maintained amplifiers and instruments onhand for the artist’s use

3. Professional Audio Engineers

  • Experienced in professional recording, mixing, and mastering
  • Unbiased ears concerning the sound quality of projects
  • A desire to capture the artist’s vision of the recording

4. Efficiency

  • Engineers experienced in micing and setup for every instrument
  • Gear set up completely upon arrival
  • Convenience to record many tracks simultaneously
  • Better performances drawn out from the slight pressures of time constraint and environment conducive to hard work
  • The artist only has to concentrate on creating a truly powerful performance

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