Your artist image resource: how to dress well as a musician

artist image resource: how to dress well as a musician

Your artist image resource : how to dress well as a musician

Every famous musician you can think of has something that makes them stand out, right? Think of the most influential bands/artists off the top of your head. What unique style do you see? Pinpointing how to dress well as a musician can be one of the most arduous tasks.

You might be wondering where to start: whether you are a boy or a girl, jazz, blues or rock musician. Just remember your image can start trends. Keep it simple and stick with a white t-shirt and jeans or go all out in a cocktail dress. Let us help with the process. Use this as a resource to your ultimate artist image:

  1. Are you going to go with the stereotype of your genre or against?
    • With- The Beach Boys- American rock band from California, follow the California style
    • Against- My Chemical Romance- American rock band from New Jersey- you wouldn’t say their music is anything close to emo or heavy metal but their look shows differently
  2. Have the mindset you can make anything happen
    • Miley Cyrus for goodness sake sings on top of a giant hotdog
    • Lana Del Rey with the flower headband that is now part of the “basic white girl uniform”
  3. How outlandish are you willing to be?
    • Lady Gaga will continuously be ridiculed for her outlandish, yet publicity producing ways
    • Might not be outlandish, but iconic- Willie Nelson and his braided, bandana hair
    • Or you can just think you are equivalent to God, like Kayne West, and other artists like The Chainsmokers will make songs about wanting to be you
  4. Get a slogan going
  • I am a Fanilow of Barry Manilow
  1. A look with a “lifetime membership”
    • e. Kiss– Gene Simmons is now 65 years old and still rocking his black and white face paint
    • John Lennon sunglasses for Ray ban need I say more- all these hipsters are sporting them around

At this point it doesn’t matter what you choose to make “happen” you just need to STICK WITH IT

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