4 Traits of Successful Artists

1. Music is ALWAYS on their mind

  • They wake up each day thinking about or listening to music and go to sleep at night with those same thoughts they carried throughout the day.
  • They always have new tunes playing so they can be constantly inspired by new ideas to incorporate into their own work. For successful artists, this comes as a natural desire to study diverse sounds and be influenced.
  • They saturate themselves in the music at all times of day until they breathe the music.

2. They have an unbeatable work ethic

  • They make a lot of time for their work and give themselves over entirely to the music. Many abandon their day jobs or their social lives to make more time for their art. Music is their first, if not only, priority.
  • They are very aware of their goals and the discipline required to reach them. They practice, write, and create for hours longer than their musical peers and will not let themselves stop until they achieve the exact sound that is in their heads. They always go the extra mile.
  • They LOVE FAILURE. They see failure only as a requirement for success. They love it because they learn from their mistakes and thirst for improvement. They refuse to give up even after a thousand failures; and this is why they succeed. Talent is wonderful, but it is hard work that makes a true artist.

3. They understand the business

  • To them, promoting their work is almost as big of a priority as creating it. They understand the need to market what they spent months creating. They develop and maintain an image that represents their work fully but also sticks in their audience’s mind.
  • They network with other artists, fans, and studios; making sure to always present themselves to their peers as a humble, respectful, positive, and charming voice in the scene. They take time to develop a loyal fanbase by having intimate conversations with their fans. They are other-worldly, truly delightful communicators.
  • They make themselves known by playing live shows as much as possible and keeping a warm presence on all relevant social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Overall, they are more than confident to invest time and money in themselves.

4. Authenticity

  • They are comfortable with who they are and can have a completely positive outlook on their ideas. They form their own unique sound because they are only trying to please themselves and they believe everything they create.
  • Their motives are purely to give brilliant art to the world.
  • They unashamedly display their true personality. It’s just the artist being natural, and an audience can really resonate with the honesty in which the artist carries themself. They show that they are a real human being with real emotions.

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