Karaoke Innovates

It has been called a disruptive innovator for the music industry.

KaraoQ is a mobile app shaping the way we interact at karaoke clubs. It acts as a quicker, digital means of doing what one would just normally do in a club. With it you can:

  • Check into your venue
  • See the list of oncoming performers
  • Add yourself and your selected song to the list
  • Browse KaraoQ’s digital songbook
  • Rate perfromances
  • View performance leaderboards
  • See the clubs current specials
  • Purchase drinks
  • Pay to skip ahead in line
  • Purchase the music itself
  • Communicate with others on the app
  • Share with other social platforms

It disrupts the industry because it provides revenue for all artists, promoters, publishers, PROs, record labels, promoters, DJs/KJs, as well as the venue itself.

Tonight in Nashville at the 3rd and Lindsley Bar a music industry forum called WHO KNEW will take over the place. It’s a lively evening where successful music industry executives and artists will come to perform and to speak about their experiences and also the future for the music business.

(Above: A typical night at the 3rd and Lindsley.)

KaraoQ will be hosting an after-party at 9:00 for some drinks and a night of karaoke. SoKnox Studios will be giving the highest rated performer a free 4 song studio session.

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