What Music is to SoKnox

Music nourishes the soul.

Hard hearts crumble in the face of genuine, gorgeous music. This is because music is of the soul; it cannot be created without it.

Music is the beat of a human heart and the temperature of their state of mind. Harmony, rhythm, and the poetry that goes with it all are children of emotions. Music comes out of the body because it’s the only way to express what cannot be expressed with the natural outlets we were born with. An emotion overwhelms us to such a point where it becomes impossible to not create something to scare the demon out.
Music becomes an anesthesia, it diverts any and all outside harm from reaching you while you are playing it. It is some piece of Heaven we get blessed with before we ever die. It exists as an optimistic force that keeps people alive.

When people have nothing, they can still have music.

Music is water, when water is not there. Music is a friend, when friends abandon. Music is a lover, when love is cold. It’s consistently as omnipresent as God Himself.

The voice we were given is our most wonderful instrument. It’s perfectly individual and whenever our mouths open we can be blessed with music at anytime we need. This is important because every person, aside from their culture, has felt music. It is such a divine force that it can better describe the world solely in harmony than any spoken language.

It reflects all so that it can soothe and teach all.

The melody is the human soul moving in the toils of living, the rhythm is that movement, and the ever-encompassing harmony is the world around them. Is this not true of all music?

Its transcendence occurs in its tear-jerking accuracy of the world. When music captivates us, we realize all at once the world’s sobering realities; yet when we are creating that statement through means of an instrument we feel empowered above all creation. The grand satire is to be reflecting the cold actuality of life when making music even though only God can state “What Is” the actuality of life.

When you claim “What Is” with your music, for that moment you feel like you are God. You have transcended all chains of your humanly form for that single climax of music.

That’s why it shatters us, because for a short, short moment we can see things out of the Creator’s eyes.

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