Thirdsday Catch Up!

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 9.37.02 AM

Home Sweet Home #SoKnoxStudios brought in the brilliant bands Freequency and Appalachian Surf Team. As always the music was jammin’, beers were cold and the crowd was rockin’. It’s great to get together in the studio with the local music crowd and support local artists.

What a great ease into the show with Freequency and their cozy living room feel. Playing some oldies and some originals for a great mix of sound. Love the change up of genres from country to pop to rock and even some soul. This triplet is so versatile! Playing some Fleetwood Mac is a sure fire way to get you grooving. Don’t forget to get yourself a copy of their cd at

Next up were the acoustic sounds of Appalachian Surf Team. Sean and Drew dominating the guitars to fill SoKnox Studios with fast tempos to get your heart racing. Surf rock might not be the relaxing type, but it sure gets you hyped to get on the beach and have a great time with friends. Sticking to the roots of surf rock with no lyrics the studio felt nostalgic. If you had plans after Thirdsday, Appalachian Surf Team definitely pumped you up.

Don’t worry, Doug we didn’t forget you! Always a pleasure having your let’s put it this way hysterically psycho sense of humor. Catch Doug on WDVX!

See you September 17, 2015 for our next trembling Thirdsday event!

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