Meet the Artist: Dre Mac

Dre Mac is a 23 year old up and coming artist originally from Mississippi but now resides in the Greater Knoxville area.  He is in the studios on Saturdays working on his brand new mixtape. His inspiration for his label comes from his hometown of Columbia, Ms. The first time Dre picked up a mic was in the fifth grade during a rap battle with a classmate. Using one of his step dad’s verses, Dre was crowned victor. Dre states that “People never make it out [of Columbia] because they always try to fit in by smoking and selling drugs saying school is for lames if you let the cool kids tell it but really it’s the other way around.”  He got out by playing basketball and rapping.  Dre Mac’s role model is his father who came into his life at the age of 23.  He admires his father’s strength because of how much he’s been through and guided him on how to be a man. Dre says that every time he talks to someone he can change their whole mindset with just his words.  But Dre says his biggest challenge is the battle within, finding himself.

Dre Mac’s inspiration for his lyrics comes from the struggle. Dre says “No matter how bad one’s life may seem, they always get lost in music. It enhances the imagination and numbs harsh realities.” Dre’s long term goals in life is to be the best to ever do it and get Mississippi known on the map and changing people’s mindset. He says he wants to free those who are still slaves in 2016. Musically, his goals for the next five to ten years, Dre Mac wants his name to be known globally.  He wants to partake in Grammy Awards and SuperBowl performances. Dre would also love to be able to perform in countries around the world where the do not speak English but could still feel the music.

Dre Mac’s best advise to give to any new up and coming artists is to not read the comment section. He says “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” How do you want to be remembered?

The new mixtape, recorded right here at SoKnox will be out soon. Keep up with Dre here.